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Our Notary Public Services are provided by certified, licensed, bonded & insured Notaries.

Notaries are entrusted with the task of properly identifying the individual signing a document in accordance with the State of California’s notarial laws.  Notaries are also required to certify under penalty of perjury that the signer of the document personally appeared in front of the notary, acknowledged signing the document and is in fact the right person mentioned in the signature block of the document.

Notaries in California perform a broad array of notarizations ranging from a simple travel document to complex loan and legal documents.  Notary Publics are licensed and regulated by the Secretary of the State and are restricted in what they can and cannot do as a public servant.  


  • Certified Loan Signing Agent
  • California All-Purpose Acknowledgments
  • Jurats / Oaths / Affidavits
  • Notarizations on Loan Document Signing

California Government Code Sections 8206.8211 &8223

  • Acknowledgement - $10.00
  • Jurat / Oaths / Affidavits - $10.00
  • Deposition - $20.00

We also provide traveling Notary Services

*Traveling fees may apply

CALL TODAY 866.769.2888 ext.2